Post-docs and lab manager positions available in Dr. XIN Xiufang’s lab


Dr. XIN’s lab is a newly-established group at the CAS Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Shanghai, and is affiliated with the CAS-JIC Center of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science ( The group is interested in understanding plant-microbe interactions, and utilizes multiple approaches including molecular biology, plant genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, genomics and bioinformatics to tackle fundamental questions in the field of molecular plant-microbe interactions. Research focuses include the interplay between plant immunity and pathogen virulence mechanisms (i.e. using Arabidopsis thaliana-Pseudomonas syringae system), mechanisms of environmental effect on host immunity and disease outcome (Arabidopsis and rice) and plant-(phyllosphere) microbiome interactions. 

For more information about the group, please go to: 

Positions for several post-docs and one lab manager are available and applications are welcome!

a. Lab manager
1. Master or Ph.D. degree in a biology-related field; expertise in molecular biology;
2. Excellent in communication and personal skills, patient and highly organized, with an intention to work in this group for a relatively long period of time (i.e. >2 years); good at reading in English;
3. Duties include ordering, lab managing and maintenance (~50% time) and working on experiments and research projects (~50% time);

b. Post-docs
1. Ph.D. degree in molecular biology, plant biology, biochemistry or genetics, awarded already or in the near future;
2. First-author publication in an established journal; 
3. Highly motivated, capable of carrying out independent research projects, observing and good at critical and independent thinking; great at English (literature) reading and writing;
4. Previous experience in molecular plant pathology is preferred but not essential; applications with strong backgrounds in protein biochemistry are also welcome;

Interested candidates should prepare a CV, email addresses for up to three referees and a brief statement for future research interest (for post-doc applications only), and email to Dr. Xiufang Xin ( Please state the position you are interested in and an estimated date when you are able to start the new job (if hired). The positions are open until filled. For additional information, please contact Dr. Xiufang Xin (